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Academic Performance

Here you will find information on the performance of CUSD schools and students.

2022 Smarter Balanced Test Results

Comparison with 2019 Numbers

EdSource SBAC Scores.jpg

EdSource provided a comparison of the change in English and Math scores between 2019 and 2022 (2023 numbers will be released this Fall).

This is likely the best indicator of the effects of prolonged school closures and excessive pandemic mitigation measures on CUSD students. Notice the wide variation across different schools, with some reporting improved performance and some reporting severe declines.


You won't find any public explanation from CUSD, as they avoided using the 2019 data in their last comparison of scores. 

Why isn't CUSD interested in determining why these disparities exist and what to do about them?

California School Dashboard

CUSD School Dashboard.jpg

The California Department of Education's School Dashboard tracks a host of data and information at the district level and individual school site level. You can also view prior years to put together trends.

Check it out here:

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