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There are many aspects to how and what curriculum is selected, approved and taught at the state and local level. We will be expanding this section to include more information as needed.

California's State Math Framework

Math Class

For the past several years, the California Department of Education (CDE) has been developing a new mathematics education framework for school districts to adopt (School districts in California have local control and are not required to adopt the framework, but most do).

Unfortunately this new math framework has been mired in political conflicts primarily because the overriding themes of the revisions were related to inserting messages of social justice and equity into the curriculum, along with replacing more rigorous coursework like algebra with less rigorous coursework like "data science." You can read more about the controversy here. These revisions will leave students less prepared for college and career opportunities. Even the UC Faculty Senate opposed these changes and suggested that students who enrolled in "data science" would not be qualified for admission into the UC System.

For all of these reasons, we opposed the approval of this new math framework and filed a formal letter of opposition with the CDE, along with hundreds of other groups, experts and individuals. Our formal letter of opposition is below.

Unfortunately, the CDE approved the new framework on July 12, 2023. It is now up to the CUSD Board of Trustees to decide whether to adopt it.

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