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What We Believe

Core Principles

Magnifying Glass


Although public schools are funded by taxpayers, too many decisions are made behind the scenes by board members, administrators, trade organizations and unions who have their own interests. As faith in public education wanes, it is critical to shine the spotlight on these groups to ensure that students are at the forefront of every decision.



Teachers unions and numerous education trade organizations have controlled education policy for decades as enrollment and academic achievement has declined. The school boards that are intended to hold them accountable are often elected by these same groups.

Public schools cannot change for the better until the people responsible for their decline can be held accountable.

Good Grades

Academic Excellence

Public schools are overwhelmed with programs and policies that have almost nothing to do with education. Many of them are quietly attempting to lower and eliminate standards to cover up the failure of our public schools.

We need to focus on evidence-based programs, curriculum and policies which increase competency in core academic subjects - literacy, math, science and history - that will enable all students to succeed in the real world.

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