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An Introduction to the Carlsbad Education Alliance

Welcome to the Carlsbad Education Alliance! We started in September 2020 as an informal group of parents, students and teachers advocating for the reopening of schools, eventually organizing as the Families for Opening Carlsbad Schools and participating in a successful lawsuit in March of 2021 against the State of California and the Carlsbad Unified School District to fully reopen our schools.

However, in that process we learned that the voices of parents and students are often ignored by administrators and organizations running our public education system for their own benefit. We also learned that many teachers have their opinions silenced by their own union, which also yields great influence over our school board members and staff to achieve their goals, which often contrast with the best interests of our students. Fast forward to 2023, and these problems still remain. Enrollment plunged, learning loss is tremendous, and few students have caught up. Many students are struggling with anxiety and other mental health issues from being isolated for over a year, and behavioral problems in our classrooms are at an all time high. Unfortunately, our Board of Trustees and CUSD leadership are reluctant to acknowledge these problems, since the same individuals and groups responsible for causing them are now in charge of solving them.

That's why we formed the Carlsbad Education Alliance. Our ongoing mission is to promote transparency, accountability and academic excellence at CUSD. We will utilize and expand our network of thousands of parents, teachers, students and citizens in Carlsbad to expose what is happening in our schools, ensure that CUSD is putting students first and respecting the rights of parents. When that doesn't happen, we will hold those responsible to account.

We hope you'll join us in our efforts to make the Carlsbad Unified School District a model for public education in California.

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