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The Final "DEI Plan" - Where is the Evidence?

Updated: Jul 31, 2023

The Board will be voting on the DEI Plan at the upcoming meeting on July 19, 2023. To reiterate our prior position on our opposition to the DEI Plan: 1. DEI is Divisive: CUSD had over 2 years to build a consensus around the DEI Plan, and it has instead created continuous division and conflict.

2. DEI is Race-Based & Unconstitutional: DEI Trainings teach teachers to treat students differently solely based on the color of their skin in order to "close equity gaps." Providing race-based interventions are based on the flawed theory that teachers and the education system as a whole is "systemically racist" against minorities, and only reverse discrimination can solve these problems.

3. DEI is Disappearing: Schools, corporations and entire states have eliminated DEI plans now that evidence shows they are wasteful and counterproductive.

4. Condones Viewpoint Discrimination: The Superintendent and DEI Committee Members leading the DEI Plan have repeatedly expressed intolerance for diverse views. The DEI Plan does nothing to address these biases and will only further the discrimination we have already seen against those with different views that the Superintendent.

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