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Special Board Meeting Summary - May 25, 2023: Forcing the Issue on the Pride Flag

Updated: Jul 30, 2023

CUSD called a Special Board Meeting on Thursday to discuss one issue - whether to fly the Pride Flag at the District Office on June 1. The procedural background on how this meeting came about is too long to discuss here, but suffice to say the meeting should not have taken place at all. Given the widespread tension in CUSD after the controversy around the CHS Vice Principal and the Superintendent's response, plus the recent DEI forums, holding a meeting this week on this particular topic was like pouring gasoline on a fire.

And that's exactly what happened. The Board voted - not to reject the request - but to delay it until after a proper discussion about the Board's policy for flying flags already scheduled for the summer. However, a large crowd came to the meeting to demand that the Board fly the Pride Flag. Some provided public comments indicating that if the Board didn't vote to fly the flag, it meant they didn't support LGBTQ students.

When the meeting concluded, the crowd began chanting "Shame!" and yelling at certain board members, threatening to "come for them." The crowd then surrounded the front entrance to the District Office to continue shouting at the Board members as they left. Trustee Pearson was led out by a Carlsbad police officer.

It was odd to see the activists who held a rally on Monday calling for "love" and "inclusivity" resort to name-calling, bullying, insults, shouting, and intimidation. There was nothing lovely or inclusive about their behavior and tactics. No group should demand special privileges from a public school, and not wanting to fly special flags on government buildings does not make you a bigot.

The request to fly the flag only further divided our community and demonstrated how far we have to go to for all voices to be heard and respected. We call on the Board to take the necessary steps to repair the damage done over this past week and help our community heal together.

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